Introducing Islands

Today we're introducing Islands, your passport for the metaverse, and where web3 communities live on the internet.

🌎 Communities are eating the world

We’re all social creatures. The desire to connect is in our DNA. Building and belonging to communities is what makes us human.

Technology has massively scaled the power of communities in society — they’ve evolved from hunter-gatherers around a fire, to 100,000+ sports fans in a stadium, to millions of commenters in a subreddit or on a YouTube channel.

Now, these communities are more powerful than big corporations.

🚀 Seize the memes of production

Teams share goals. Families share genes. Communities share identities. And when it comes to shared identities, memes are everything.

Memes makes communities stronger, and strong communities change the world.

However, we don't believe communities should live in walled gardens like Facebook and Instagram, where they’re tightly controlled to extract value and squash innovation.

Web3 puts the memes of production into the hands of creators, letting individuals take ownership of their content, curation, and commerce. Democratizing access means that EVERYONE, not just a select few, will have the same opportunity to build.

That’s what Islands is all about –– empowering people to create culture. And then letting them explore, own, share, and trade together.

🛣️ Where we go from here

The future is community owned. And Islands is how we get there.

Imagine if every community in the world could reach their audience from day one?

Imagine if every community in the world could manage a shared wallet?

Imagine if every community in the world could give its members ownership in what they believe in?

Our mission is giving creators and collectors anywhere in the world equal access to the building blocks they need to back people and projects.

We're thrilled to partner with Alexis Ohanian at Seven Seven Six. Alexis is obviously the OG online community builder –– there's no one better to build the future of web3 with.

We’ve built profiles for you to share your online identity with the world, token-gated communities to find the people you share identity with, and a storefront to easily buy the NFTs you need to join the communities you vibe with.

Very soon, we’ll release Threads to let people share all the memes, ideas, and thoughts within a community. And we’ll keep building to help all creators and collectors unleash the power of community.

Welcome to The Community Economy.

We’re glad you’re here. 🤗

Here’s what you can do ⬇️

Come build with us 🪜

We are building the best team in web3.

Our team comes from Coinbase, Flexport, Kraken, Product Hunt, and more.

We build with empathy. Taking great care in thinking through what we build and why we build it.

We build with a growth mindset. Believing that everyone at Islands and on Islands should think like an owner.

And we build for community, always. Playing long-term games with long-term people. Positive sum is possible –– we will light the path for people to move from web2 to web3 along with us.

Join us

A rising tide lifts all islands. 🏝

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